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Vendita Betoniere

The MEDITERRANEA Costruzione Macchine Edili S.r.l. born in Sicily, thanks to the determination of a group of members and their initiative in offering a large selection of strong and reliable machines.

Thanks to years of production and constant dedition, today the MEDITERRANEA Costruzione Macchine Edili S.r.l. it's a modern reality, using new method and machinery with highly recommended workmanship.

The tecnique of production are constantly updated and using high quality components for a optimal result.

Our fabric has promoted our "MADE IN ITALY" furnishing Malta, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Venezuela and South Africa, for this purpose we work with honesty and dedication combined with our laboring experienced over years of activity, our production of cement mixers mounted with semisilenced and supersemisilenced without crown or chain trasmission.

All models at request coul be equipped with electric motor single-phase or three-phase motor in gasoline and diesel.

All our product are costructed and marked and conformed with directive CEE.

Mediterranea Costruzione Macchine Edili Srl
Via Michele Amari, 4 - 95040 - Fraz. Piano Tavola - Motta S. Anastasia (Catania) Italy
Fax: +39 095 58 77 603 - Cell. +39 349.6684607 | P. Iva 05027920874
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